Sea-king 300

Presenting our 41mm Swiss Made Professional Dive Watch. Designed with style to be legible, functional and precise. Craftsmanship without compromise.

Swiss Engineering

Powered by a Sellita SW300-1 Premium self-winding movement with a 56hr power reserve. Modifified with our signature Rohtfire Sablier rotor with a classic Côtes de Genève finish.

Maritime Heritage

Rohtfire Sablier is a British company inspired by the maritime heritage of the British Isles. Our design is deliberately utilitarian but stylish. Combine this with Swiss engineering and craftsmanship, you have a watch that can be worn anytime, anywhere.

    Welcome to Rohtfire Sablier Watches

    We are a British company that embodies the maritime heritage of the United Kingdom through the manufacture of high quality timepieces.

    We believe in craftsmanship without compromise. This is why all of our watches are made and assembled by hand in Switzerland. Hundreds of years of Swiss watchmaking tradition and history is packed into each and every Rohtfire Sablier timepiece.

    Designed in England. Made in Switzerland. Join an exclusive community of Rohtfire Sablier wristwatch owners. Join Club Rohtfire Sablier for news and updates.

    New release

    Introducing the SEA-KING 300 professional dive watch. With classic utilitarian features, this mechanical timepiece is water resistant to 300m/1000ft.

    The SEA-KING 300 is made of marine-grade stainless steel which protects a self-winding Swiss movement that means it’ll never need a battery. Perfect for every wrist, suitable for every occasion. Understated style for all occasions.

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    At Rohtfire Sablier we are committed to delivering high quality, functional, tough watches that will survive the test of time. We pledge to use only the best materials to produce extremely high quality premium timepieces which creates unique value to our customers.

    This is why we have decided to have all of our timepieces manufactured and assembled by hand in Switzerland, ensuring the highest exacting standards our customers want and deserve.

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    The British Isles has a rich maritime history. Mariners, cartographers, sailors, shipbuilders, naval architects and tacticians all helped shape the country’s national identity. Rohtfire Sablier was founded by someone with strong connections to such a heritage and also inspired by it.

    At Rohtfire Sablier we have designers with extensive experience in Swiss haute horology. Our Swiss partners have been developing state of the art manufacturing techniques since the 1950s. The combined pioneering heritage of both Great Britain and Switzerland demonstrate shared core values of exemplary customer service, integrity and manufacturing excellence.

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    Limited Release

    We are driven by a passion to produce beautiful, rugged and functional timepieces that will appeal to those who share our passion for – and appreciation of the craftsmanship and innovation behind a mechanical wrist watch.

    To ensure the highest level of quality we wIll limit the number of timepieces we produce to 500-1000 per model per year. This enables us to oversee every part of the process to ensure we can bring haute horology to a wider audience of watch-lovers at an excellent value proposition.

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    Exclusively Online

    We are a premium watch brand. We bring classic English design together with Swiss watchmaking expertise without the costly overheads of a storefront, unnecessary middlemen and expensive celebrity endorsements. E-commerce exclusivity enables these saving to be passed on to you, the intelligent consumer, making Swiss premium craftsmanship accessible to a wider audience.


    Once the design and development stage is complete in the UK we complete the watchmaking process by working with our Swiss ateliers.

    It is in our facility in Tavannes in Switzerland that master watchmakers assemble and fine tune each Rohtfire Sablier timepiece. Their craftsmanship and expertise ensure precision in a regulated environment with strict quality controls. All of our timepieces are cased up by master watch makers, and undergo thorough quality, shock, and water resistance testing. Each timepiece is then carefully sealed and packaged. A Rohtfire owner should expect nothing less. It’s a Brit/Swiss synergy that works.

    Follow your course

    The sea, with its vastness and unpredictable chaos within, always offer an uncertain journey and can be difficult to navigate. The fixed relationship between distance, speed and time helps sailors calculate the distance the vessel is expected to travel in a given time. This in turn determines the course to be steered. Built for the ocean, the SEA-KING 300 is a trusted companion when you follow your own course.